Movement Matters


Helping you overcome obstacles that get in your way of the results you want!

We all know how important exercise is for health and well-being, but when you're not getting the results you want it can be challenging and frustrating, which too often leads to defeat.  Partner with Michelle King, Insight Guide and Mind-Body Integration Coach, for this 2-Part Workshop, where you'll receive tools and resources to integrate mindful movement that support your specific needs, so you can get the results you want.


What makes this comprehensive workshop unique is the opportunity to practice and integrate what you learn on Day 1 and reconnect on Day 2 to share your real experiences.  We want you to be healthy and happy with a solid foundation for inspired movement that honors you in mind and body.

Investment: $97

Day 1, Sunday, 10/20/19, 1-2:30 PM:

  • Moving meditation.

  • Common obstacles that get in the way of exercise and the results you want.

  • Why movement matters and the different types of exercises that work for you and work against you.

  • The significance of your relationship with your body and how that relates to exercise and your results.

  • The 'secret sauce' for overcoming defeat. 

  • Take home tools and resources for cultivating a healthy relationship with your body and exercise, which you'll integrate and practice for a week.

  • Access to private Movement Matters group for accountability, support, Q&A.

Day 2, Sunday, 10/27/19, 1-2:30 PM:

  • Meet again to explore and share experiences over last week with the tools and resources you received and integrated for cultivating a healthy relationship with your body and exercise.

  • Learn how to recognize what your body wants.

  • Practice intuitive movement and additional mindfulness exercises that incorporate mind and body to help increase energy, circulation, restoration, and growth for peace and well-being.

  • Body scan meditation

  • Q&A


*For more information or questions, please contact Michelle King here.



Location: New Trail Cycling Studio

1641b Washington Plaza North
Reston, VA 20190


Sun, Oct 20
Join Us at New Trail Cycling Studio
Movement Matters Workshop 10/20 & 10/27, 1-2:30 PM, $97